Case Study:
SAP Screen Personas

Improved User Experience And Efficiency


Various customers have requested for an ability to change and customize SAP Dynpro screens according to the needs of the business users.

In order to meet these business user needs, rapid screen change features were needed to deliver an improved user experience, which also simplifies training.


Need the ability to change and customize SAP Dynpro screens


Meet business user needs for rapid screen changes and improve experience

The Solution

ROI developed SAP Screen Personas, a browser based Silverlight front-end that provides the flexibility to customize and transform the organization-specific SAP screen to suit their business needs.


With the ability to add images, web content, and additional information it gives business and IT users the ability to meet the need for rapid screen changes, delivering improved user experience and increased work efficiency.

Solution Benefits

The solutions helped increased end-user work efficiency by 20-30% while also reduced screen clutter for business users, allowing them to access only the data they need to transact business. This helps for internationalization and localization of business solutions around the globe.

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