Case Study:
One of the World’s Largest Human Resources Consulting Firm

Benefits Hub Operational Backlog


As a top-tier benefit management service company, our customer needed to reduce the number of employees engaged in HR information data processing. They required a solution designed and developed with a responsive Web User Interface for configuration activities, they needed to be able to process raw client data very quickly, report exceptions and have events triggered by employee life events.



Reduce number of employees engaged in HR information data processing


Must process raw client data imports in under 60 minutes

The Solution

Our proven expertise in Human Resources processing was successfully applied to the Benefits Hub Operational Backlog Project. Team members were charged with enhancing HR data and life events processing.


ROI designed, developed and implemented HR Import and Event Processing tools to validate HR information and process life events.


The ROI team also enhanced the HR Import to analyze reports, map data on data structures, and work in conjunction with the Event Processing tool to generate reports reflecting updated life events.

Solution Benefits

With the automated HR data processing flow, staff involved in HR Import was reduced by 40%. The solutions Introduced client specific configurations that directly generated new business for the company. Also, the goal of importing raw client data processing was reduced to less than 10 minutes.

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