Today, new, inventive, better integrated ways of doing business are being conceived, designed and delivered at lightning speed. Examples include intelligent supply-chain logistics, the smart phone’s disruption of the GPS market, and integrated, intelligent cities. Companies are taking advantage of the massive impact of I-SMAC – our acronym for the synthesis and integration of the Internet of Everything, Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and the Cloud.


I-SMAC – our acronym for the Internet of Everything, Social, Mobility, Analytics and the Cloud

In the insurance industry, we are leaping beyond policies based on miles driven to personalized, near-real-time underwriting, billing and claims based on actual and current driving data. It’s the telematics in the cars, sending data via the cloud, to sophisticated analytic engines that present an offer, or a bill, to a client’s tablet or smartphone, the same device the client used to find the new arrangement using social media. Businesses are linking together the myriad machines, sensors, controllers, and ancillary devices within and across facilities, up and down the production chain, inside and outside corporate borders to change everything.

At Return on Intelligence, we understand that the technology drivers of I-SMAC are both massively disruptive to organizations that cannot quickly and effectively respond to their impact – and they are massively advantageous to organizations that can use them to build a formidable competitive advantage. I-SMAC is found in all businesses of all scales. Its combination of IoE sensors and controls, with social and mobile enablement, supported by deep analytics and delivered via the cloud brings transformation to markets and to the processes and functions within companies. Individually I-SMAC technologies have impact. But, when artfully combined, I-SMAC drives disruption and enables the transformation of both traditional and very new businesses in industries and markets around the globe.

Our name, Return on Intelligence, reflects our deep understanding that all transformations leverage enterprise intelligence in order to give companies the biggest competitive advantage. Our clients use I-SMAC to create businesses that intelligently compete through customer intimacy, low cost AND innovation at the same time. Let us help you ‘think.build.operate’ your I-SMAC-enabled future.