Core Systems Transformation Solutions

SAP Screen Personas

As a premier partner of SAP, Return on Intelligence understands firsthand the significant impact that this new screen layer can have on a company by reducing training costs, reducing help desk and support tickets and driving greater user adoption and customer satisfaction. Learn more

ROI’s Fraud Management Solution

ROI, along with SAP, has developed a comprehensive fraud detection and management solution for the insurance industry. Our solution is based on over 200 fraud detection rules developed by ROI as well as predictive analytics algorithms running on SAP HANA analytics database system. Learn more

Improving DFAST Compliancy and Efficiency

ROI’s industry solution for DFAST helps to improve a financial institution’s ability to perform comprehensive stress modeling scenarios and enhance the strategic insights from the analysis. Learn more

Digital Customer Engagement Insurance

ROI enables insurance companies to improve their Digital Customer Engagement by addressing six key impact areas and has developed a comprehensive insurance-based technology solution. Learn more

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SAP Spotlight

ROI is a Gold Sponsor of the SAP Insurance Innovation Roadshow. More details.


Insurance Spotlight

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